AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– We are dedicating a big portion of today’s show to breast cancer awareness.

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And the big event here in Augusta is the Miracle Mile Walk, which as we’ve just said earlier in the show is going to be a drive this year. The co-chair of this year’s event is the lovely Sharon Henderson.

We do these events because of the stories behind the women. And before we talk any more about the drive, I just want people to know what your story was with breast cancer.

Sharon: “Okay, absolutely. I was diagnosed in 2011, with her, her2 positive breast cancer. When I first started having symptoms, I did not go to the doctor. I kind of waited a couple months, you know, I was nervous. I don’t know, I thought it might go away. There was no excuse because I worked at the Savannah River Site and we had the mobile onsite, you know, at least once a month. I could go, I had insurance, but it was just that fear and not wanting to know what was going on. But after a while I heard my coworker, she had had breast cancer twice and she was telling her story at a staff meeting. And I said, you know, I better go. And I went to the breast health center and everything began to move quickly and I was diagnosed maybe a week later. So I just want women to know that if you have symptoms and you start, you know your body and you know when something’s not right, please don’t wait, have that checkup. And I had missed my mammogram the year before. So it was just a combination of things. So that’s why I like to tell my story. I’m not embarrassed by it because if it can help someone else, you know, that’s, that’s why I do this.

JENNIE: Right.

SHARON: And the biggest thing is that we want to make more survivors and we really want to get rid of this disease so that my daughters and, and your daughters and other women and men don’t have to go through that. My sister was diagnosed about two and a half years ago. So it, it, and have a couple of first cousins that went through that as well. So, I’m not one of those who, who, you know, is nervous about talking about my story, but in family, sometimes we don’t tend to share that information, but I think it’s very important so that if it does happen, you know, you’ll know your history.

That’s so sad. Well, Sharon, you said it best a couple of minutes ago, we’re in the business of making more survivors. They want more breast cancer survivors, and they want your support on October 16th for the miracle mile drive. Sharon Henderson, you are a great spokesman for that event. Thanks so much for being here today.