AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– “The people just kept coming and coming, the next thing you know every seat is full, everybody’s sitting side by side. There’s no distance between anybody. There was no where to go.”

Sunday, April 19th, American Airlines flight #65 from Charlotte to Dallas/Fort Worth -packed- as passenger Robbie Wilson says, “shoulder to shoulder.”

Jennie: “Were other people as upset about this as you were?”
Robbie: “Yeah, there were a few people at the beginning that the stewardesses were calming down.”
Robbie: “You can’t be anywhere right now with more than 10 people, and you were cramped in there with 150 strangers that had been who knows where?”

“I asked the American representative, since they knew the plane was full, why they didn’t announce it and ask if we wanted off the flight? She said, ‘Good question.'”

That answer, “Good question,” has been bothering frequent flyer Robbie Wilson all week.

The Oakman, Alabama man flies every two weeks for his job and says in general, airlines have been doing a good job up during the coronavirus pandemic setting up the planes and keeping passengers separate.

“I assumed this flight would be like the rest. American Airlines canceled my flight and put me on this flight from Charlotte to Dalls so they could have a completely full plane.”

Wilson was stunned to see every seat in the cabin filled, except for the ones near the flight attendants. He shared these photos from flight 65 from Charlotte to Dallas on April 19th.