AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Heidi Gray began singing and dancing when she was 4 years old.

She played many lead roles in Augusta Players productions, but young Heidi had her sights on the Big Apple. At age 11, the North Augusta native made her Broadway debut and landed her dream role of “Annie” in the Broadway National Tour.

So to play Annie, one of the first things to go was Heidi’s long hair!

She joined the national tour in Providence, Rhode Island and starred in performances through 38 states… as well as in Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore.

Heidi was the first American to perform as “Annie” in Asia.

Now 15, Heidi is a student at North Augusta High School.

Heidi trained locally, dancing with Augusta West Dance and singing with voice coach Lori Van Lenten and VOCE singers.

Van Lenten says Heidi was very disciplined for her age, and learned to be the best she could be by taking good care of herself and training the right way.

She recalls telling Heidi’s father, “See! It’s not just because we love her- she really is THAT talented!” after Heidi won the Broadway role.

Heidi keeps us with some of her friends from the Annie cast. She has great memories of training and playing with “actor” dogs Sunny and Macy, who played “Sandy” in the show.