Jennie: Joseph Barnhart is overcoming obstacles despite physical limitations


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) WJBF viewers may recognize Joseph Barnhart as a documentary film maker. He produced a comprehensive movie about the production of peanut butter… and how a peanut on his family’s Burke County farm winds up in a jar of peanut butter on your kitchen table.

But Joseph has done much more than accomplish his goal of making the peanut butter movie. He is awesome and inspiring… because he refuses to be defined, or confined, by his physical limitations.

Joseph has gotten a motorcycle license from the DMV to operate a specially-designed motorized bike. He has traveled to bucket list destinations and he has tandem-jumped out of an airplane.

Joseph Barnhart is proving that the power of the mind can overcome all kinds of obstacles.

Here’s how he explains his philosophy:

“I’ve discovered there is a process in the doing of things. First, figure out what it is you want. Write it down. Then, look at related challenges you have, to get to that goal. Baby steps… to get each one out of the way… as you go along. You can’t just focus on the end goal, but the small steps– which are often challenges enough by themselves. Work on getting each one done to get to the end result. If you run into problems, which you will, don’t give up. Maybe give that one a break and move on to another related challenge. It’s accomplishing the small steps in the process that will get you to where you want to be. Don’t tell everyone what you are doing as that tends to have the opposite effect in doing things. If you do, be very careful and keep that to the minimal number of people possible to reach your goal. You will run into impossible situations the closer to the end game you get. Keep pushing through and don’t listen to those voices that maybe it isn’t meant to be because the struggle has gotten hard. No, it’s simply a law of the universe testing you to see if you are worthy of the effort. Believe me, things will get really tough the closer you get. This may happen a few times during the process– but hang in there!”

You can follow Joseph’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter: Joseph Barnhart/My Normnal Ventures.

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