Jennie: Jasmine Ryans and Soul(tre) natural products


"So it's really... to help people heal overall for their mind, body, and soul." -Jasmine Ryans

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Soul(tre) is a local company with a mission to educate consumers about the benefits of natural ingredients in hair, beard, and skincare products.

One of its core values is the belief that a natural approach is the foundation for overall health and wellness. Jasmine Ryans is the brains and the beauty behind Soul(tre).

“My company is a faith-based company, so I’m all about praying over my products before I make them, and when I send out my products in the packages, I do include a handwritten letter with just a scripture in it. So I’m not only trying to educate you on the benefits of the natural ingredients, but show you that all this isn’t possible, the products don’t get the really good effects that it does, unless I pray over it and make sure that God is in everything that I do. So I want to be able to minister through my products. So it’s really a ministry for me, and being able to help people heal overall for their mind, body, and soul.”

Her products include a hair moisturizer that can be used as a light body moisturizer, too.

“Three years ago, I started making products out of natural ingredients like aloe vera juice and different oils that I did research on, and figured out a way to kinda combine those to make natural hair, beard and skincare products. When I first started, I used them on me. And then I started using them on my daughter, and I saw a tremendous change in the texture of her hair.”

“Four of the six products are available at Augusta and Co. But the two products that I don’t have at Augusta and Co, I have testers at Field, which is the only vegan, cruelty-free, retail store that we have here in Augusta, so I was excited about that partnership.

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