AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– In Your Neighborhood is a digital exclusive on featuring local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and all-around interesting folks. People you may not know about in your neighborhood.

WJBF’s Jenna Kelley is the host and she is here to tell us more about it!

“A lot of the people that I interview have like a separate layer to what they’re doing, not that not every business is interesting, but it’s not just a clothing store, it might be, I know there’s a clothing store downtown where the woman was ex-military. We didn’t cover her, but things like that like in season one, the boutique at the Georgia Cancer Center, she isn’t just a boutique, she helps with breast cancer, and prosthesis, and wigs, and things like that, so it’s like that added layer that highlights a little bit more of what these people do.”

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“So far I’ve reached out in Augusta which is, it’s not really my fault, it’s just more I venture out in Augusta, I don’t necessarily go to Aiken a lot on my spare time ’cause a lot of these people I find out where I’m like, we should really do a feature piece on them, but you know, news doesn’t have time for a five-minute piece which is where I was like we have to do this as a digital exclusive, ’cause these people should be highlighted for what they’re doing. So if you are in South Carolina, anybody in South Carolina, or Aiken, anywhere, we put a little blurb out on our website so you guys know how to reach us.”