Jennie: Dr. Jacqueline Fincher appointed to Kemp’s special COVID-19 Task Force


AUGUSTA, Ga. — Thomson physician, Dr. Jacqueline Fincher, has been appointed to Governor Brian Kemp’s COVID-19 Task Force.

“We have not seen a close epidemic here in the CSRA like that have in Albany, GA. There is this over-confidence right now and you know, I can tell you right now, we are seeing it. We know we have positives in all of our communities and we have positives in our hospitals. And again, the less that we are in contact with one another physically, the more important lack of surge that we’ll see. And that’s the real concern. We don’t want to overwhelm the system, so you just want to say, ‘Please overwhelm the phone. Call your doctor!'”

Dr. Fincher says the most important things to do are to stay home, wash your hands, and be sure to check in with high-risk folks, especially those over 65 with diabetes, COPD, and congestive heart failure.

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