JENNIE: Black Market Adoptions Preview


Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 12:30pm for a very special Jennie show.

They call themselves “Bee Hamilton babies.” The infamous black market adoptions ripped countless families apart. But thanks to social media and DNA tests, siblings are finding each other- 50 years or more after being separated.

Sossette Clark Shivers found her biological brother and father.

“He can remember that Bee Hamilton and a gentlelman came and took the other brother straight out of the mother’s arms and he just stood there cause, he was a little bit older, and he just sat there and watched as they took his brother. There was nothing that they could do. And Pops, the biological father, said that back then they would go and take babies from the poor and they would sell them to the rich, or adopt them out.” 

That’s just one of the stories you’ll see about the dark period in Augusta history…. the black market adoption ring and “Bee Hamilton babies.”

Barbara Hudson and Debi Drummond also share their amazing story of finding each other 65 years after their mother was told her baby died… Tuesday at 12:30, on Jennie.

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