Jenkins County schools reopen Tuesday with security protocols


JENKINS Co., GA. (WJBF) – UPDATE | Students will return to Jenkins County Schools Tuesday with some new safety protocols to follow.

Jenkins County Superintendent Tara Cooper explained these protocols faculty and staff received training for on Monday,

“We had training today for our employees that will be manning metal detectors.  Our teachers were busy planning assignments and activities for students without book bags. The administrators were meeting with multiple agencies of law enforcement to discuss updates in the case and the safety measures for this week. We are doing all in our power to make our school safer than we have ever been.”

Jenkins County schools will resume Tuesday following a GBI investigation into threats sent to students and staff.

Jenkins County Superintendent Tara Cooper released the following statement,

We here at JCSS have been working this week on a safety plan, so that our staff, students, and parents are reassured that our school is a safe environment whether this “threat source” is identified or not. We want our staff and kids to be at school, and we want it done safely!

I thought the process would happen more quickly – but I am not in law enforcement, and it is not as simple as tracing an email. It involves interviews and subpoenas, multiple agencies downloading and analyzing data, and just takes time.

Therefore, faculty and staff will return on Monday.

Students will return on Tuesday.

Here’s what we are doing so that the students can return to school safely on Tuesday, November 16th:

*Faculty and Staff will have safety training and planning on Monday. We will have Homeland Security on our grounds.

*Beginning Tuesday, law enforcement will be around our perimeter during drop off and dismissal.

*We will have metal detectors at each entrance.

*No book bags will be allowed in the building. Students may bring lunch boxes. They can bring whatever folders they absolutely need and teachers will be prepared to use folders for work if needed to send home each day.

*The doors to the building will stay locked. If you need to pick up your child or anything else, call your child’s school.

*A law enforcement team will be coming in to do a “sweep” of the building and grounds each morning before school.

*Please make sure your child’s school has correct parent contact information.

*We will be instituting a “see something – send something” anonymous reporting system for our school community.

*Next week our teachers and counselors will be prepared to talk with our students. If you have a specific request, let your school know.

Thank you for your support of our school system. We have multiple agencies working together that WILL identify who sent the emails. Meanwhile, we will be safer than we’ve ever been.

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