Jefferson County waiting for hundreds of outstanding absentee ballots


Louisville, GA (WJBF)- With just days left before the election, the Jefferson County Board of Elections said there are still more than 600 outstanding absentee ballots. They are concerned that people don’t trust the safety of ballot drop boxes.

Susan Gray is the Jefferson County Elections Superintendent. She believes there are any number of reasons why voters are nervous about drop boxes.

“I think there’s two things. Probably the security of the drop boxes and the idea that we’re going to throw those ballots away, that we’re not going to process those.”

Gray said people shouldn’t worry about the security of the drop boxes and encourages people to use them. She said the Board of Elections has been overwhelmed by the historic early voter turnout and people using the boxes is helpful to volunteers.

“I just want to stress to everyone, every ballot received by this office will be accepted if it’s verified,” said Gray. “And the boxes are secure. They’re under 24 hour surveillance and it’s monitored by the County.”

I spoke with several voters and concerns over the safety of using ballot drop boxes was mixed. One woman said she doesn’t trust the system and is concerned about vote tampering.

“I think in person is better. I don’t trust the mail system. There have been those that have said they were concerned that somebody might not make sure they got where they wanted to go if they saw which side they voted on,” Sandy Granade explained.

Granade said that she thinks ballots are too easily destroyed on a ballot drop box.

“No. Too many of them have been set on fire and I want to make sure my vote gets counted.”

Miriam Jenkins is a poll worker. She said she completely trusts the system and she isn’t worried.

“I feel safe with it. You know, I don’t have any qualms about it. I feel like everything is gonna be run fine,” said Jenkins.

Gray encourages voters that still have not turned in their absentee ballot to do so soon. If they are not comfortable using a drop box, they have other options.

“If anyone changed their mind about the absentee ballot, and they still have one at home, they can actually bring that to the polls on election day and we will cancel that ballot and they will be allowed to vote at the polls,” explained Gray.

Again, election officials warn voters not to mail in Absentee ballots or they may not get counted. drop them off in a ballot box like this one or at your local board of elections.

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