JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Jefferson County school leaders hosting a public forum on Tuesday, and they focused on the power of the internet on children.

School officials say that the meeting took place at the Carver Elementary School in Wadley.

According to school officials, they will be hosting a community outreach of events on a frequent basis.

Officials say that parents are being asked to complete an online survey about the biggest issues that students are facing, and the goal is to find solutions to help keep young people on the right track.

“Children created technology,” says Marshall Henry Lewis. “As parents, we’re on the back end of this, and because of that, we have to try to get up to speed. We’re never gonna catch our youth because they’re creating the apps. They’re the ones that are designing the apps, so what parents need to do is read and educate themselves.”

“I knew that social media had a lot of things that were hidden especially to the adults, but I didn’t realize that it was to this degree,” says Tasheika Strowbridge.

School officials say another session will be held in February where the topic will be cell phones.