James Brown event at Miller hits sour note


More than 12 years after his death, James Brown can still draw a crowd. Visitors continue to stop by his statue on Broad Street, and they say the city should have a James Brown celebration. 

You’ve got a great subject matter with James Brown, exploited the best you can for the betterment of everybody, says Steve Vantrease, who is visiting from Martin, Tennessee.

That’s the reasoning behind the Miller Theater’s proposal to host a James Brown Birthday Bash in May and if the city contributes ten thousand dollars, combined with other sponsors  the event could be free to the public. 

Get funky at the Miller, absolutely, there wasn’t anything planned we would offer the space to do it, says Coco Rubio, the Miller Theaters’ Operations Manager. 

So yeah this free birthday bash would be good  the Miller Theater would be the wrong place it’s too small in my opinion, said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

We’re talking about a free event, that’s open to the public it’s going to create total chaos and I don’t want to see that happen, says Commissioner Bill Fennoy

 Would a free event at the Miller be chaotic as some were saying?

You know I don’t think so you would think you would find the people who were really into it we’re trying to give those folks a chance, says Rubio. 

A commission committee recommending contributing the 10 thousand dollars but holding  the event  at the  Augusta Common, something that would likely  end the Miller’s involvement. 

It would just change the bottom line and the expenses involved I would think it’s going to be more expensive to do it outside the theater, says Rubio.

Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom doesn’t see the concert happening at the Common, and says he will try to convince a commission majority next week to support the 10-thousand dollars to hold the event at the Miller.

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