AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Local artists are painting sidewalk murals on storm drains in downtown Augusta for the “It All Flows into the Savannah” project by the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

Over 70 ideas were summitted, and after public voting, 12 artists were commissioned. The goal of the project is to raise awareness about storm water pollution.

“Everything flows into the Savannah River, so it’s a project to help keep the storm drains clean so that the water is then clean that goes into the river,” artist and professor Cyndy Epps said.

The project is also an effort to bring more public art to the area.

“Murals and public art is important to get a message out, and for me a positive message to help either stop or give awareness to something,” artist Arthur (Art) Abdon said.

Some of the painters said the message behind the commission was personal to them.

“A lot of my art is environmentally focused and environmental activism, so when I saw this I was like this is the perfect opportunity to bring that kind of art to the streets and just promote taking care of the earth,” artist Geena Zinkand said.

Artist Si-Long (Fox) Chen says her goal is, “Creating that awareness, stewardship, and encouraging people to protect our environment.”

The artists have until the end of the week to finish their pieces, which are all scattered through downtown Augusta.

Epps’s piece incorporates the wild life affected by storm drain pollution.

“I really wanted to stay positive and rather than putting trash and the negative impact that it has, let people think about okay this is actually where the water is going,” Epps said. “So if you’re putting trash in the storm drain this is where it’s going and the animals it’ll impact.”