Is time too short for Broad Street Crossings?


With a growing downtown that means there are more people trying to cross this very Broad Street, and that has some saying hey buddy can you spare some time

There’s a time to walk and a time to don’t but some downtown regulars say they’re out of time too fast crossing Broad Street.

“It’s a little short especially when you’re tired of say you’re carrying something like the lady across the street it’s like about five to ten seconds too short,” said Shane Henson.

Henson is not the only one raising concerns about the clock running out on pedestrians crossing Broad Street downtown.

“I went down and checked it out and sure enough it’s twenty seconds so we’re looking to see if we can make some arrangements and adjustments on those,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Many pedestrians don’t make it all the way across Broad Street in those twenty seconds and have to wait on those islands in the middle, for the walk sign to come up again.

“You get stuck in the middle and you have to wait what is it baby almost another minute or two yeah,” said Henson.

Traffic engineers say the street is timed right,and point out there are those pedestrian islands in the middle come equipped with buttons for the walked don’t walk indicators.

“So the intent on Broad Street is to give the pedestrian enough time to get to the middle of the road, and if your a fast walker or younger you could probably make it all the way across if not you have a safe place of refuge until the next signal,” said John Ussery, Traffic Engineer.

Why not allow pedestrians enough time to get all way across Broad well that would tie up the flow of traffic.

“Most of the traffic is not on the side streets it’s on Broad Street so that’s the direction we try to keep moving as possible,” said Ussery.

Traffic engineers say they will review the Broad Street Crosswalk times and say there could be adjustments but say it would only be a matter of seconds in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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