Ironwood Apartment Complex by SRP Park will house more than 500 people


North Augusta’s Riverside Village will no longer be home to the Green Jackets but also people moving to North Augusta. 

Ironwood Apartment Complex by SRP Park is soon to house more than 500 people. 

People got a first-hand look of what has been developing there for more than two years. 

“I just want to have a simple, fun, more social lifestyle,” explained Christy Dove. “I love the 24-hour gym they have and the pool area. I can picture myself living here pretty easy.”

Future residents and council members crowed the lobby of Ironwood apartment complex, for the official opening.

Patrick Jackson says North Augusta will see more economic growth with the addition to the new apartment complex.

“This brings people here, staying and eating at restaurants, needing places to shop,” said Jackson. “Weekends, weekdays or all hours all of the day, I think it’s going to add about 500 people living in this area. So that’s a huge economic impact.”

It’s not just living by the baseball park that has people eager to mover here. But access to the river, retail stores, and restaurants that are following next.

“Those are amenities we have nothing to do with that ae built in, that are just positives to this site down here,” said Jackson.

Dove says this will be good for her to commute to work. Also, an excellent place for her family to live.

“It just worked out perfect for us,” explained Dove. “My mother is living here also. She is going to be living next door. She lives with me know, and this is going to be a perfect scenario for us both. she’s got her apartment, and I got mine.”

The chief financial officer says he is excited to see what the apartment complex is going to bring to the city of North Augusta.

“This is exciting to see people here using it. Residents moving in, really filling the streets with activities,” said Jackson.

46 residents have already moved to Ironwood apartments. Other is expected to be in their new home by the end of the of this year. 

A few residents say they prefer the apartment complex because they feel like it is a good first step of growth of the River Region. 

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