IronMan changes start area for safety precautions


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “They’re so many spectators watching that swim start we just want to make sure that we take all the precautions, because safety is always our number one priority,” says Alyssa Updegrave, IronMan Race Director.

IronMan organizers are expecting 35 to 36 hundred athletes to take on the course.

Racers and spectators will be crowding the start area, so to ease up the congestion, organizers are adding another parking lot on the other side of the levee to open up space for athletes.

If something happens we have to get an emergency vehicle out, we don’t have those people in one area and we can access that boat ramp, get the EMS out and hopefully get them out quicker to the hospital,” says Alyssa.

Organizers have also set up other emergency assistance along the challenging course.

“We’ve got ATVs roaming and we’ve got people in sade gaiters that can pick you up if you’re too tired and experiencing heat exhaustion, so we always have someone around who can take care of you,” says Alyssa.

IronMan participants prepping for the big day tell us safety is one of their main concerns when they’re on the course.

“Paying attention to other racers, I feel pretty confident about what I do when I’m on the course, but you don’t know who you’re out there with, so I think paying attention to your surroundings and who’s around you,” says Jennifer Suverkrup, Iron Man Participant.

But participants tell us the extra step that IronMan organizers take to ensure their safety puts their minds to ease when they compete.

“These events are put on well. Iron man does a really good well, really well job of taking care of the racers and being organized, and making great events,” says Joe Calandro, Iron Man Participant.

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