AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – A simple motion could be the start of a new beginning in the Garden City.

“Putting green dots, yellow dots, and red dots to see what they like and dislike a part of the vision,” said Coliseum Authority Vice Chairman Brad Usry.

After crunching numbers, things got interactive Tuesday as Coliseum Authority members and several CSRA business leaders placed color-coded dots on pictures showing designers their ideas for the interiors of public and private spaces in the new JBA.

Green meant a ‘yes,’ yellow meant a ‘maybe,’ and red meant a ‘no.’

Usry said, “Many options, there’s not just one premium option. There’s going to be different levels of club seating, low seating, and premium seating so it’s going to gives us some variety I think folks are really going to enjoy.”

Opinions varied during the survey, but most people agreed on clean, open spaces for the new JBA.

Usry exclaimed, “It’s exciting! It’s time to get it on or as James Brown would say ‘get funky.’ But with the new arena, things are moving fast.”

Buzz words and phrases with high praise at the survey included ‘Southern hospitality’ and ‘bright’ but ‘big city, small town’ is a no.

“It has a negative connotation about Augusta and I love Augusta and I want nothing but positive things,” said Usry.

The new arena will cost about $228 million. Voters approved to use $25 million in SPLOST VIII funding to keep the project moving. Usry said a price consultant has been hired.

He added, “We want to make sure that design truly can be done in that budget because we’re going to stay in budget. The authority, we’re dedicated to staying in budget and on time.”

Continue to stick with with us as the construction of the new James Brown Arena progresses.