AUGUSTA (WJBF) — Higher prices due to inflation are impacting every aspect of our lives, including Easter.

“Inflation is high it’s no doubt about that it’s the highest we’ve seen since 1981 I believe. So its definitely been some adjusting it’s been kind if quick, so a lot of things you can do is shop around look for alternatives maybe you’ll have to look at a different store that offers lower process for you “ said Ryan Borders, professional financial advisor.

Ryan borders who is a professional financial advisor says budgeting is the most important thing you can do when planning for the holiday– he says even though it may sound simple, it’s not that easy.

“What we help people with is budgeting especially that’s one of the big things you can do when it comes to inflation and having a  budget laid out so you know where every dollar is going. A lot of times you see people don’t do that and so when we get into more expensive environment and inflation is high you start noticing the pinch on the budget “ said Borders.

One way you can save money this Easter is by shopping local.

Qiana jones a local decorator who creates Easter baskets says she started her business eight years ago, helping parents put a smile on their kids faces.

“So I can offer the parents good pricing of the Easter baskets due to that some parents have multiple kids and they wanna buy multiple baskets for their kids but you know they’re very high at the moment “said Qiana Jones, owner of “It’s Sew Crafty” LLC.

Jones says she’s able to offer those baskets at lower prices because she gets the items a little cheaper and can pass that savings along to her customers.

“Some of us local businesses can offer cheaper  prices due to that we have vendors that offer cheaper items for baskets “ said Jones.