AUGUSTA.GA (WJBF)— Local filmmaker, Cameron Logan, accomplished a dream by grabbing the “Best Feature”
award at Reedy Reels Film Festival this year.

In order to grow in life, you have to be willing to break away from your parents and accept
responsibilities that come your way. Well, Hannah Lori, the lead actress that stars as Bryn
in “Bryn Gets a Life” believes that living is all about finding yourself.

“It’s a growing up film. So, we take them through you know her stating her dreams and then her
realizing that her dreams probably aren’t going to come true. But hey this life is actually
good that I have right now,” said Lori.

Even when someone crosses your path to make matters worse.

“I come into possession of something they’re looking for. And they track me down as
being somebody who has things that I’m not supposed to have for sale. So they come looking
for me for this specific thing and it turns out that I have it,” said Roger Dorsey.

Independent filmmaker, Cameron Logan, believes no matter how much older one gets in life,
winning an award is not only satisfying to hear but brings out the inner child when hard
work pays off.

“And just getting an award I was sort of taken by surprise because there were a lot of really
good films in that festival and you know I’m my own worst critic really. So when we won the award
it felt really satisfying,” said Logan.

To catch up on the short films Logan has produced, visit his webpage to see them in their entirety.