AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – ‘Twas the night before Christmas and, all through the night… frigid cold temps couldn’t stop folks from hitting the ice. On Christmas Eve, we bundled up and headed out to Evans to see what everyone’s talking about.

“We see people that come back every year and every year,” said Erin Schmidt, an employee at Evans on Ice. “And it’s great seeing them progress and get better at skating. And also just carrying out traditions every year.”

People in the CSRA are enjoying a premiere winter festival at Evans on Ice, complete with an ice-skating rink for all to enjoy.

“It’s a tradition that my family has and, so…it’s great seeing everyone have such a great time around Christmas time,” said Schmidt. “It’s like working in a Hallmark movie, basically!”

John Whitwell started skating at the age of two. He dreamed of playing hockey and played for the Augusta Lynx for four years.

He hopes to establish a year-round skating facility for people to enjoy.

“It’s fantastic,” said Whitwell. “We’re working hard to get a rink primarily back in town, so this is a fantastic venue over the holidays. My kids can enjoy skating- they’re both working up here and they love it. They come up here every chance they get…and why not have other kids come up and get a chance to do that, too?”

And, despite the cold, Erin says inclement weather never seems to stop people from getting their time on the ice. 

“It will be, like, pouring down rain and twenty degrees outside…people still show up,” said Schmidt. “In crazy numbers.”

And time on the ice brings a song to the heart of even the littlest of skaters.

“I wanna wish you a merry Christmas,” sang Kimiko Hankins, a first-year skater on the ice. “From the bottom of my heart!”

Evans on Ice will be open to the public through January 8. And they will be open Christmas day from 5PM until 10PM. For more information, visit