AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Coming out of a drought, Augusta is seeing some serious rain showers.

“The front of the house, you have to step to the side sometimes to get to the sidewalk,” local resident Burnette Eunic said.

Eunic lives in the area and when heavy consistent showers begin to hit areas like Olde Town, Augusta’s first neighborhood, more concerns start to rise for local residents. 

“I do worry about how high the level goes so it doesn’t go up to my front porch and I do worry about snakes and reptiles and things like that getting into our yard and entering in our houses,” Eunic said.

Every year, citizens pay a storm water fee which is used for picking up the pieces that storm weather can leave behind. 

“And this commission has made a heck of an investment in making sure that neighborhoods are invested in where infrastructure’s concerned and that’s from SPLOST dollars, infrastructure dollars from the federal government, tier projects, uh wherever we can apply dollars to help folks 5live a better quality of life,” – Dist. 1 Commissioner Jordan Johnson said.

And Commissioner Jordan Johnson wants to remind the people that the issues don’t solely come from the drainage system. 

“When it rains quick and fast that, you know, it overwhelms our system and so folks can expect some flooding, but it’s not because the system is not working or it’s not because storm water fees aren’t going towards what they’re supposed to go towards. It’s simply because when it rains it pours,” Johnson said.

Still residents feel there is more that could be done.

“I want to see more, even if they had to go up on the taxes some more I prefer that,” Eunic said.

But, based off of past experiences people are still worried about what that could mean for them besides flooded streets. 

“Our house is 101 years old, most of these houses were built in the early 1900s– after the great fire– and so, they all are extremely old, extremely historic and you know any kind of damage to them would be problematic to our area and our area is historic,” local resident Daniel Scheiner said.