AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – After Tuesday’s commission meeting, a physical altercation broke out at the Augusta-Richmond County municipal building between Mayor Pro Tem Bobby Williams and a local business owner, Dayon Walker.

“I never thought I’d be assaulted by a sitting official,” Walker said.

Dayon Walker owns Reserve and Ride Water Sports. It’s a jet ski tour and rental company in Augusta.

Walker says he’s in a 20-year development agreement with the Port Authority, which brought him to Tuesday’s Augusta-Richmond County Commission meeting.

“On the agenda, Port Authority was listed as number 12. They were talking about the finances on the Port Authority and things that are going on within the Augusta Port Authority,” Walker said.

After the meeting wrapped up, Walker says he was discussing his business with Mayor Hardie Davis.

“Mayor Pro Tem Bobby Williams then came and snatched him up and began to walk him down the hall. I said to him, ‘Hey man, that’s not the gentleman like thing to do when men are talking about business.’ I said, ‘Real men would come and step right here and have a gentleman’s talk.’ Then Mayor Pro Tem came up on me abruptly. He told me he was from Cedar Street, and that I was a punk. And then he pushed me,” Walker said.

Walker says following the altercation, his ID was taken from him while the Marshal reviewed the municipal building’s security footage. Afterwards, he says his ID was returned and he was free to go.

“I wasn’t in the wrong. I didn’t assault him. He assaulted me and it’s on camera. The corporal there for the Marshals office saw it. I want to press charges. I will be pressing charges. That’s for sure,” Walker said.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to Mayor Pro Tem Williams, who said he would be pressing charges against Walker. But when I requested an on-camera interview, Williams declined, and said he had no comment at this time.

Walker says he is extremely upset about the encounter.

“That’s just truly embarrassing. To be assaulted by a city official is beyond my belief. We didn’t go there for that. We just want clarity on what’s going on with the Augusta Port Authority to ensure that I am able to continue my dream,” Walker said.

NewsChannel 6 has requested the municipal’s security camera footage and we will continue following this story.