COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – “My ex-wife called me and said my son died, I said why, she said he’s still burning in her house in fire” said Tony Mai, Father of Nicolas Mai.

Tony Mai, the father of 10 year old  Nicolas Mai who died Tuesday in a house fire in Sarah Creek Court. Crying hysterically, still in disbelief. He says his son and a cousin  were home alone at the time.

Mai says his ex wife told him she left to go get something to eat, when she came back the house was in flames.

Mai says he’s still searching for answers as to what happened.

“I feel bad and yesterday and today I cannot sleep I see my son burned I cannot sleep” 

A Fifth grader at South Columbia Elementary Nicholas was preparing to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

“He was a very good son he played with everybody that would allow him in the school and all the teachers love him and all the family loved him too” 

The home next door caught fire and began to burn. Police kicked in 212 Sarah Creek Court to make sure no one in the home.

Police also check 210 Sarah Creek Court as the flames began to make way to that residence. They located two children inside. Law enforcement took the children to an awaiting patrol car until their parents could be contacted and take custody.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.