Humane Society stops taking new pets


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Since basically the turn of this century, the old city stockade has been the CSRA Humane Society’s shelter home for hundreds and hundreds of pets. Now, this home is very much in limbo.

90 cats, are calling the Humane Society shelter home now, along with 52 dogs, and a duck.

But the question is for how long.

This only happened two weeks ago. It’s kind of been a shock – we’re getting over that shock kind of thinking through that whole process,” said Christine Collins, Vice President of the CSRA Humane Society.

For the past 20 years the process has been for the Humane Society to lease the old city stockade for a dollar a year under a multi year lease.

The last one that ended January was for ten years.

Now commissioners are telling the humane society the lease is going to be month to month with a sixty day out.

“I think doing a month to month lease is trying to see because that area does have some other uses that will looked at. It will give them appropriate time if that decision is made,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

Augusta city leaders say if the time comes they will help the Humane Society find a new location.

But after twenty years of operating this no kill shelter, the Humane Society has made a decision on new pets because it might have to move.

“It’s very uncomfortable its uncomfortable enough that we are not taking in anymore pets right now. So that hurts the community, that hurts those pets because they have to go to animal services or another rescue if they have enough room or not,” said Collins.

And not having a long term lease makes this tough job of taking care of all these pets that much more difficult.

“All of us have full time jobs and take care of our own lives take care of our own pets this is very much a volunteer job so the juggling seems even more impossible right now,” said Collins.

Making matter worse officials say not having a permanent home is now putting thousands and thousands of dollars in grants at risk, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.

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