EVANS, Ga (WJBF)- “Some of our things have to be watered up to three times a day especially the stuff right up front that are in those black plastic pots I mean it evaporates  so quickly almost as soon as you water it it’s dry again” said Hannah Barnes, Owner of Greenbrier Nursery & Gifts.

The heat is on, and your plants could suffer if you don’t take proper care.

Hannah Barnes is the owner of Greenbrier Nursery plant shop in Evans and she says they sell plenty of plants daily and makes sure to teach buyers how to nurture them, especially when it’s extremely hot.

“So the two most important things when trying to protect your plants from this upcoming heat wave is moisture retention and shade so what you can do is if you have any plant in containers move them into the shade because that way the water won’t evaporate as quickly”

Barnes says there are other ways to treat your plants if you’re not able to move them to shade.

“If you can not move your plants let’s say they’re in the ground I would suggest you mulch them because what mulch does it protects the soil air so that way when you water it when the water goes into the soil it has that protective layer so that way it won’t evaporate as quickly”

Although watering and shade is important Barnes says there are different types of plants and knowing which one to buy is important in order to shelter them properly.


“If you do happen to buy plants in an upcoming heat wave wait to transplant don’t put anything in the ground yet what I would suggest is put it in a nice safe spot sheltered from the sun and keep it watered and than transplant it once the heat wave passes”