How small businesses can protect themselves from cyber attacks


Augusta, GA (WJBF)- While hackers recently targeted several large businesses with ransom ware, they are still targeting smaller businesses too.

While it’s not as lucrative for hackers to attack small businesses as it is larger ones, like Colonial Pipeline, they still do it frequently.

Small business owners are still at risk for financial cyber attacks like ransom ware.

Steve Foster, at the GBI Georgia Cyber Crime Center said small businesses are most at risk for email infiltration. Hackers are able to quietly become a part of someone’s email account, and change important information to benefit themselves.

“For example, if I’m a small business and I have to pay a vendor, the criminal gets in the middle of that conversation and email and he may change the routing number and the account number where my payment needs to go. So now instead of paying my vendor or paying someone that’s entitled to my money, my money is going to the criminal,” Foster explained.

Foster said there are things small business owners can do to protect their businesses from these attacks.

“And it’s basically training your employees not to open email attachments unless they trust these and it’s been validated. That’s the number one. And also make sure your data is backed up and secure. So if you are impacted with ransomware, your data is safe somewhere else.”

Fosters also said the number one way hackers are able to gain access to business systems is through phishing emails. They send malicious links through email and an employee clicks on it, allowing the hackers access to the company’s system.

If you are the victim of a financial cyber attack, Foster recommends immediately contacting the GBI and your local police.

For tips on how to keep your business safe from hackers, just click on the following link.

Center for Internet Security (CIS)

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