AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) –The Richmond County School System is gearing up for the new school year with an open house for parents and students.

“This is the first open house since the pandemic that all of our parents and guardians have been in the school and so it has been wonderful we’re looking forward to great things are looking forward to having our students coming in and achieve excellence in academics” said Dr. Gregory Shields, Principal of Hornsby Elementary.

Walking parents and students through the plans and goals for the new school year, Hornsby Elementary school is making sure students are well prepared.

During the open house students get the opportunity to meet with their  teachers –while signing up for activates and organizations like the YMCA, giving them more ways to learns and things to do.

Dr. Shields says due to the COVID-19 pandemic they are still taking precaution for kids to ensure their safety. And with recent mass shooting—the safety for both teachers and students is important.

“We are practicing safety measures with our students and our staff to ensure that safety is all around and this is something we’ve been practicing not just this year but years before “ said Dr. Shields.

 One parent says she’s excited to see what the new school year will bring for her kids – with the goal , they learn as much as they can.

“they know quit a lot its just the principal of getting in knowing how to be even more respectful knowing how to continue this on a daily basis” said Clarice  Maloey, Parent

Shields says not many changes are being made , they are adopting new ways for kids to learn with extra help from teachers assistants.

“We are adopting our ERP model innovation model which gives that other teachers support teachers and additional rather support teachers to come into the classroom to serve our students with small groups we are looking at smaller class sizes compared to the previous years”

The first day of school for elementary students in Richmond county is Thursday and the rest will start Augusta 8th.