EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – A new buyer has purchased the Jones Creek clubhouse.

Robbi Raitt is the managing partner of Jones Creek Clubhouse, LLC. The Florida entrepreneur bought the clubhouse and says he hopes to preserve the historic facility and revitalize the neighborhood.

Jones Creek golf course closed in 2018. Since then, the neighborhood has been struggling to bring it back. 

With the golf course and clubhouse having different buyers, some have questioned whether the dream to bring the course back will be realized.

“What we felt all along,” said Tripp Nanney, president of the Jones Creek Homeowners Association. “That it should be used in support of the functioning golf course. However, with the recent revision that Columbia County commissioners approved, they allowed it to be used for other things.” 

Raitt published a statement on his website saying, “We are excited about the future of Jones Creek and look forward to being a valued neighbor as we undertake the challenge of restoring and renewing the Clubhouse. We will welcome the community to the restored building once we complete our renovations.”

“It’s only a positive,” said Robert Omar, vice president of Augusta Canvas. “He’s gonna bring that clubhouse back to first class. That’s the only way he does anything- it’s 100 percent first class.”

Omar, a friend of Raitt’s, was a member at Jones Creek for 10 years. 

“I love the people there,” said Omar. “I love the friendships I made there. I hate to see the golf course get in disarray like it was and has been.”

Raitt’s spokesperson, Chris Schroder, says the work ahead has been inspired by what they have  learned from people living in Jones Creek.

“There were so many people that have great stories about the old days and more recent days of playing golf and also events- good times at the clubhouse,” said Schroder. “And of course, the last few years have been no times at the clubhouse. He wants to get it all fixed up and get it to a point where people can build great memories again there.”

Nanney tells us the Jones Creek driving range is also now open. 

He says he hopes both this and the purchase of the clubhouse will lead to greater things.

“Our anticipation is that it will be good for the neighborhood, good for Augusta, good for our golf course,” said Nanney. 

For now, Nanney says the neighborhood eagerly waits.

“I think the neighborhood’s excited,” said Nanney. “Overall, everybody would rather the building be occupied and things going on there than totally empty.” 

“He’s going to be a huge asset to the community and I hope they embrace him,” said Omar.

Deed for the sale of the clubhouse was filed Tuesday at the Columbia County Courthouse. Schroder tells us planning is now underway.