Honoring the Class of 2020: Several high schools are working to make sure its students’ senior year isn’t completely lost


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — The senior class of 2020 will not have several of the traditional rights of passage for their final year of high school. No graduation, no prom, but all is not lost.
Two local photographers are making sure the Class of 2020 is still celebrated.

“The concept we came up with is to create large banners that are displayed in schools and towns to highlight all of the seniors,” said Branch Carter and Barry Koeing. “It shows their pictures and it kind of says we love you.”

The owners of Carter Koenig Photography have teamed with 12 high schools in the CSRA including, Evans, Lakeside, and Greenbrier High Schools, to create banners.

“The message is we care about you,” said Greenbrier High School Principal, Carla Helton. “You’re not another number in at Greenbrier High School, and you’re an individual. We are going to do what we can to let you know we are going to celebrate you.”

Each banner is placed in front of the school or somewhere in the middle of the town. Seniors and loved ones can capture the moment in front of it.

“As long if they are on a schedule rotation and practicing all of the different safeguards that are put in place, we encourage our principals to allow them to do so,” explained Associate Superintendent Penny Jackson.

The principal at Lakeside High School says she understands that these students are disappointed their senior year was interrupted. However, they will have the first-hand experience to learn from as they get older.

“I believe looking back when they experience all of the other things life has to offer them, that they will be able to say this was unique,” said Dorcas Powell. “Lets’ hope it is unique for the class of 2020.”

Not all is lost. Several high schools are planning a special goodbye event to send off the Class of 2020.

“It still does not replace the prom, and it doesn’t replace graduation, but it will be something no other class has gotten a chance to do,” explained Powell.

Columbia County High Schools will have several activities for seniors until May 22nd, which was initially supposed to be the last day of school.

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