AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – They call this the toughest ticket in sports. A Masters badge is hard to come by. But this year, the club made it a lot easier for health care workers.

What a contrast. One of the most beautiful places on the planet, after working in a hospital during a pandemic.

Andrea Dunham an ICU nurse tech said, “It’s completely like a magical experience.”

“A Disney World experience for grown-ups,” said ICU nurse Med Weddle.

Healthcare heroes are taking a break from the grind by taking a trip to the Masters.

“It’s like a whole 360-degree turn. It’s like you remember everything that you went through emotionally. And then, it’s like oh, this is like, something good,” said Dunham.

Celestine Harris handles medical supplies at work.

“We ordered the vaccine.”

She’s not looking for credit.

Celestine Harris with hospital logistics said, “I don’t really actually think about it. You just do it because it’s part of your job. You have to make sure they get what they need.”

Augusta National is giving credit though. A ticket and a chance for a break from an intense year.

“It is humbling. It’s an opportunity we were hoping we could all be here for,” said Weddle.

The medical community comes to the Masters. And they’re glad to be here.

“This feels good. It feels good. I’m going to enjoy the day,” said Harris.

But they’ll tell you, when they leave, they’ll be right back where they’re supposed to be.

“Critical care and health care is a calling. It’s a craft. And we take care of each other. As long as you continue to take care of yourself, you’re exactly where you want to be. It’s never work. When you’re taking care of people you love.”

And the hope here is that, thanks to the efforts of healthcare workers everywhere, the Masters may be back at full capacity next year.