AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- “So the homeless task force just concluded its point in time count that we do every year to make sure that we know exactly where our brothers and sisters are located so that we can help them get services. But one of the biggest things that have came out of our task force so far has been the efforts around housing,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson, District 1.

The City of Augusta is continuing to find ways to help those who need shelter. This year, the homeless task force is looking to clear many of the popular homeless encampments.  Some of the biggest are downtown and along Washington Road.

“Once we made the pre-public leave the private sector answered and so I’m sure that you will start hearing over the next few months more interest in building tiny homes,“ said Johnson.

The homeless task force also has an outreach team. It provide services to those in need of a safe place to stay.

“But the outreach happens and what we find is that it is successful which is why the street outreach team through the homeless task force is important because you have living in areas in this county that you would never even imagine them living,” said Johnson.

The pandemic presented an even bigger challenge to help the homeless. 

“Folks lost their jobs, folks were down on their luck and the pandemic actually made it a little bit more difficult to address homelessness but we’ve been reaching out to as many resources as we can and to make sure that people get the services that they need and the point in time count we’ll have to see what our numbers look like but I want folks to understand that this will absolutely take time,” said Johnson.