AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – For the last three months trash and debris has been a common sight behind the Circle K on Washington Road.

“Look at that trash. I feel sorry for the homeless people, but something has to be done,” Larry Bone said.

Larry Bone lives in the area and said the trash from homeless encampments is not only an eyesore, but a safety concern.

“You lock your door and you’re scared somebody is going to rob you. I have been over there early in the morning before, and they came up to the car,” Bone said.

Bone pointed over a another homeless camp near Knights Inn.

While these camps have gained the attention of city leaders, people living around here are still waiting for them to be cleaned up.

“Marshall’s department, Sheriff’s department, or county commissioners need to get out here and ride around and see what’s wrong in the area. I just wish they would clean it up.”

District 1 commissioner and chairman of the Homeless Task force Jordan Johnson said he is aware of the issue and its one the Homeless Task force is working to solve.

Bone hopes the same will happen in other areas of the city.

“I wish somebody would stand up and do something about this. All over Augusta, not just here,” Bone said.