AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- The Jewish Museum and the Jewish Community Center of Federation of Augusta held the Holocaust Remembrance Concert Sunday afternoon.

For the Jewish community, now is a time where focusing on their culture’s history is key. 

“We learn from a young age that the way to prevent the continuation of hate is to learn what happened in the past,” Executive Director of Jewish Community Center & Federation of Augusta Nick Spivak

The room at Adas Yeshurun Synagogue was filled with people ready to honor their history.

“This is Yom HaShoah, the international day of remembrance for the Holocaust – we lost six million people, not to mention the other 20 or something million that were lost in World War II,” Spivak said.

This time of year allows for the Jewish people to spend more time recognizing their past. 

“On an annual basis, there’s two different days– there’s the international Holocaust Remembrance Day which usually takes place in January and then Yom HaShoah– which is what we’re commemorating today– takes place about a week after the end of Jewish holiday that is Passover,” Spivak said.

Event leaders say it’s important to remember how far the Jewish community has come. 

Nick Spivak tells me the importance of these events are bigger. 

“Judaism is a very community driven religion. While there are certain prayers we can say as individuals, the more important prayers we say communally. So, if we have a anniversary of a loved one’s passing, we say a prayer as part of a community because it’s a community that comes together to support each other.”