Holiday shopping looks different this year thanks to the pandemic


Augusta, GA (WJBF)- There are les than two weeks of shopping before Christmas. Traditionally, brick and mortar stores reign supreme for holiday shopping, but this year more and more people are turning to online retailers to stay safe and healthy.

“I’m only at Target right now because I’m out of essential things. I’m really not here to even Christmas shop. I’ve ordered everything on Amazon,” said Nicole Worm.

The parking lot at the Augusta Exchange was filled with cars Sunday afternoon. Derek Kenney says he was out shopping for his wife.

“It’s hard to surprise each other when you’re buying online. So, we’re doing a mixture, I guess, of buying online and in person, but it’s more fun to buy in person,” Kenney explained.

Ryston Ngwayah says he’s switching it up this year.

“Yeah, in past years I used to go into stores and do my shopping there. Online shopping is something I’ve tried this year. It’s convenient.”

Worm says she isn’t new to online shopping.

“I’d say that I’m a millennial so I probably do that more anyway, but I definitely have increased this year because I didn’t feel like…Black Friday, I didn’t go anywhere. I went to work. And so I just refused to come out this year and fight people not wanting to wear their masks or getting sick myself.”

Some say they are excited that a vaccine has been approved and are hopeful that life will be back to normal before next Christmas.

“I mean, I’m very impressed that they were able to put all this together so quickly. We’ll see how it goes, but I pray that it is as effective as they think it is, so I think that’s awesome,” said Worm.

“I’m excited because, you know, yesterday, last night, I saw on the news about a vaccine and they are being shipped out to the states and so that’s something I’m excited about. And I hope people do their best to stay safe right now since it seems like the end is hopefully in sight,” Ngwayah said.

If you are shopping online this year, be sure to finish up soon. Shipping deadlines are approaching quickly.

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