AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At Dyess park, there is a part of Augusta’s past, but this old fire station may soon be gone.  

Well, it’s an historic building, and it needs to be saved, if possible. It’s been there since about 1890,” said History Augusta Executive Director Erick Montgomery. 

But the building has been closed for the last four years.  

Now, Dyess in Park is in line for a $6 million renovation including a new community center, and the city’s current plans do not call for saving the old one.  

“If you’ve been to the current community center, it is in need of work. It’s not a true representation of what it can be,” said Interim City Administrator Takiyah Douse.  

But Montgomery said he toured the building just last month with park officials and was not told about plans to tear it down.  

“We met with them and walked through it. We talked about how it would be a good project to try and save the building and that we would work with them to try and find somebody,” he said.

Commissioners will vote on Tuesday to issue bonds for the Dyess Park renovation, but members say they are willing to hear from Historic Augusta about saving the old fire station.  

“They certainly have their right to voice their opinion. It’s not that I’m going to agree with it or not, but they certainly have the right to come before the commission and have a conversation about it,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason. 

A new look is coming to Dyess Park, but it may be at the expense of the old.