(WJBF) – Golden Harvest Food Bank is kicking off a 10 month partnership with FoodShare Bamberg to provide healthy food in rural South Carolina.

Over the next 10 months, 180,000 lbs. of fresh food will be delivered to families living in three rural South Carolina counties. That’s enough food to fill 4 semi trucks.

“We will be distributing 900 boxes of fresh produce to our three counties that are in the most need in that area, which is Bamberg, Allendale, and Barnwell counties where there’s a 30 percent food insecurity rate for children,” CEO of Golden Harvest Food Bank, Amy Breitmann said.

Golden Harvest will purchase the boxes from FoodShare Bamberg—another organization fighting food insecurity.

“We were really excited to partner with them. They typically sell these boxes at a really reduced, fair price to folks that need them. In fact, a very reduced price for people on SNAP at $5 a box. I think there’s 20-30 lbs. of produce in that box. It’s probably $30 worth at least of produce,” Breitmann said.

Every month, a partnering food bank in each county will receive 300 hundred boxes packed with fresh produce, fruit, and healthy foods.

It’s made possible by a grant from the Lower Savannah Council of Governments.

“It was a $180,000 grant to address food insecurity in South Carolina counties,” Breitmann said.

Breitmann says this initiative is leading Golden Harvest and FoodShare closer to their goal of making healthy food more accessible in rural areas.

“It’s really important for children to concentrate in schools, for anyone who’s fighting any kind of disease, for people who struggle with diabetes or high blood pressure, that this produce is really an important piece of the medicine that they need,” Breitmann said.

To find out more, you can enter your zip code in Golden Harvest Food Bank’s Food Finder.