AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Health facilities across the CSRA are seeing less foot traffic for COVID-19 testing and vacinations. Many facilities are even shutting down testing sites and providing at-home tests.

“We see more cases of flu and strep than we have with COVID.” Said Kate Vanilovich, operations manager for Martinez Urgent Care.

Kate Vanilovich with Martinez Urgent Care says their facility has seen a decrease in positive COVID cases since the beginning of the year, and the majority of people who come to get tested for COVID, test negative.

“Most recently the majority of our Covid cases that we’ve seen they have been vaccinated so vaccination status doesn’t really matter.” Said Vanilovich.

Barney’s Pharmacy has only been distributing the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine. They’re also distributing fewer vaccinations  and are only offering them two days a week.

“It’s gotten less and less every time, but we find that offering them two days a week tends to make sure that we don’t have to waste any vaccines when we were offering them every day we’ll get a few people trickling in here and there and so we were wasting a lot.” Said Amanda Reddic, Pharmacist at Barneys Pharmacy.

Both facilities expect to see an uptick in COVID testing and vaccinations around the summer time when people tend to go on vacation. Reddic says  that’s when booster shots rise as well.

“The people who want the vaccine have come and gone in and the people who are pro vaccine are mostly already vaccinated We have seen some people now the traveling is opening back up they want to travel so they’re going to come and get a vaccine now when previously they didn’t want one” said Reddic.