AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local mother telling NewsChannel 6 her son was beaten up by a group of boys at Glenn Hills Middle School and videos of the attack were posted online. She says the boys are part of a gang that’s taken over both Glenn Hills Middle School and High School.

“If he would’ve got hit or hit his head any wrong way , that probably would’ve been my son’s life,” said Christmas Williams, a parent.

Christmas Williams says her son was hit by a car when he was 2-years-old. That accident put him in a coma, and now at 15, it’s still having effects on his health. That’s why when she saw videos of her son on the ground being beaten up by another boy in the classroom, she knew she had to do something.

“As you can see on the video, my son tried to get back up, but he kinda like fell again then you see the boy Travis knee go dead into my son’s face and when my son got up, I don’t if my son hit the desk or what it was, but my son had three knots on his head,” said Williams.

That video is one of many posted on an Instagram page called “Glenn Hills Middle School Fights.”
Williams says after that attack, she took her son to Urgent Care. She says this attack is the latest in a string of several both on and off school grounds. She says a group of boys that calls themselves BGB, is to blame.

“I just feel like they can’t even go to they grandma house, because of these boys,” said Williams.

Williams says she talked to the principal and deputy superintendent — but she says nothing was done to stop the attacks.

“They know about this gang, they have not done nothing about it. The superintendent, Ms. Jones from the board of education, I talk to her, I sent her emails, she supposed to give me a call back. I have not received anything,” said Williams.

Richmond County School Board Member Venus Cain says she doesn’t know about this particular gang.
But in the past, she’s been vocal about the number of fights at Richmond County Schools.

“But you have some people in the community that feel like oh they fight we put them out of school, because these fights were getting quite vicious, then we were putting them out into the community, we were denying young black men the opportunity for an education, but if the bottom line is we have several kids that’s disrupting the whole school then I’m denying 6 or 7 hundred kids an education, I didn’t think that was fair,” said Venus Cain.

She says parents need to get more involved.

“The parents should be stepping in and saying to their child you are not on grade level you’re flunking everything, but you have time to go up in here and fight, not only embarrassing me but put yourself in a position where you cannot be susceptible. Somebody in that Glenn Hills community and I am saying today it needs to stop,” she said.

NewsChannel 6 is digging deeper into the issue of fighting on school grounds at Richmond County Schools. We’ve requested the number of fights reported from just this past year.
We were told we’d have that later today.
The School System did give us a statement that highlights the policy on gang activity.

“The Richmond County School System has procedures to address bullying and gang activity at the school level. The Richmond County Board of Education Code of Student Conduct and Discipline clearly states the consequences for bullying and gang activity for all Richmond County Schools. When gang activity is observed or reported at a school, administrators inform the Richmond County School Safety and Security Department which works with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office to investigate and develop a plan to respond. The school system encourages families to talk about the importance of school safety, monitor student activity on social media and at home and check student belongings.  The Richmond County School System also has a TipLine, 706-828-1077, available 24/7 for students, staff and families to report any concerning activity.”

Below is Venus Cain’s full interview on fights in Richmond County Schools.