AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – Some people are on edge after an 80-year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint at the Augusta Mall.

“I’ve been down to that mall once and after reading the newsbreak on the phone I was like I’m not going back there. Its just dangerous,” Colleen Kelly said.

Joyce Rohlsen said she was walking to her car around 3 in the afternoon when a man grabbed her from behind and pointed a gun at her.

“He took out a gun and pointed it at me and said I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you. Give me the purse,” Rohlsen said.

He stole her bag with her cellphone and wallet inside and when she fought back, he hit her in the head with the gun.

“Even in broad daylight when you think someone would see something happening that’s not always the case,” Rohlsen said.

Its enough to make some people not want to shop at the mall.

“I’m disabled and I would be a target. So I’m not going there,” Colleen Kelly said.

While investigators are still searching for the suspect some people said there needs to be more security at the mall.

“The security cars need to speed up efforts to getting around and checking these parking lots,” Donny Carswell said.

Newschannel 6 spoke to an Augusta Mall representative who said there are security measures in place at the mall including a K-9 that checks for guns inside the mall.

They also released this statement:

We are sad and angry over the incident in our parking lot on Tuesday, as there is truly nothing more important to us than being a safe place for the Augusta community. We are aware of the concerns and can assure our community that we take these matters very seriously. Our team continues to work with our partners at the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. We will not discuss our security program publicly because to do so would compromise its effectiveness.

However, since this incident took place in the parking lot that’s where some shoppers said they want to see more security.

“There needs to be undercover security. They can’t have their patrol car marking them because if I see the patrol car I’m not going to commit the crime,” Carswell said.

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for the suspect.

Investigators said he left in a tan or silver sedan with no license plate and the front two hub caps missing.