AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- City officials are getting closer to making a decision on whether or not the Riverwalk should be renamed after former Mayor Ed McIntyre.

“He made a mistake, we all made mistakes but I don’t think the mistakes that he made should interfere with him being honored,” said William Fennoy, Former Augusta commissioner.

McIntyre is credited as the visionary behind Riverwalk.

While in office he  was charged with extortion and was sentenced to federal prison. Some say that shouldn’t stop McIntyre from being honored

“Mr. McIntyre reputation, his credibility throughout the state was not tarnished it was only  tarnished in this community and I’m asking this community do the right thing,“ said Rick Johnson.

Others disagree…

“I’m opposed to any kind of renaming that of Riverwalk or even Diamond Lakes” said Tommy Evans, resident.

“I’m not here to speak for or against but I’m here to say I think we should refrain naming our buildings and our places with peoples names.”

The planning commission also discussed renaming  the Utilities Building after former Director Thomas Wiedmeier and the Diamond Lakes baseball field after former Commissioner Andrew Cheek.

A final vote for all the renaming proposals will be made September 19th during the Augusta commission meeting.

“He did a great job he needs to be remembered and acknowledged for the great job that he did he supported unity between all the communities in Richmond County,” said Fennoy