Harlem City Council agrees to veto proposed annexation, House Bill 598


The city of Harlem is now against a bill that would expand the city after three landowners involved opposed it.

The City Manager Brett Cook says that the city was working with two of the landowners to change there mind. When the third landowner was not in agreement, the city council decided to ask Governor Kemp to veto the bill.

The city tried to annex through the legislation process, which does not require landowner support. However, since there was not 100% support, the city of Harlem agreed to request a veto.

Harlem’s mayor, Roxanne Whitaker, says, “Representative Fleming signed the letter. He took it to the governor asking him to veto his bill that he introduced. And so, he will accept the letter and act on it.”

The annexation would take land that already belongs to Columbia County. The county’s commission has asked the governor to veto it, as well.

If governor kemp does not sign the bill, it will pass without action.

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