Grovetown Public Safety arrest teens accused of vandalizing several businesses


Update: The Grovetown Department of Public Safety identified and arrested the two juveniles responsible for the graffiti damage.  

Both juveniles were charged with three felony offenses and three misdemeanors each. 

Grovetown Police are looking for two people accused of vandalizing several businesses, and when they’re caught, they’ll face felony charges.

One of the incidents was caught on video. That video is from the ACE Hardware store in Grovetown investigators are circulating on social media hoping it helps them find the vandals.

People who live in Grovetown told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, enough is enough.

Investigators in Grovetown on the hunt using Facebook to help find two men between the ages 14 and 20 who vandalized businesses in the area; Creekside Estates, Goodale Park, Barney’s Pharmacy, KJ’s and ACE Hardware.

People in the community say this crime comes down to one thing.

“It’s just a lack of respect,” said Laddany Sengchanthavong. “A lack of respect of the community, a lack of respect for themselves. Because somebody has to be held accountable for what’s happening, and it’s somebody’s private property.”

Sengchanthavong believes there are not enough activities in Grovetown to keep kids in the community occupied.

“There is the playground for the kids which I think is amazing because it gives kids something to do,” explained Sengchanthavong. “Unfortunately, on the flip side, where are the parents of the kids that are doing the vandalism.”

One person tells me crimes like these do bring down property values, but these actions don’t represent all of Grovetown.

“It’s just a few people who are just not doing right,” said Vincent Lupoe. “They need some God in them, and they need some home-training. They need to go to church.”

Lupoe says soon the ones who are putting graffiti on public property will be the ones tagged.

“Sooner or later they will,” said Lupoe. “Eventually what will happen is the things they are doing wrong is going to transpire in their lives; they are going to have some bad times in their life.”

He hopes the city is holding the community accountable.

“The people who rent these houses to these people, they should be responsible,” explained Lupoe. “The city should make them clean it up. They’re going have to put their hand down and make them do it.”

If you have any information concerning this crime or can help in identifying the suspects, contact Grovetown Public Safety. All responses are kept confidential.

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