Grovetown Middle Schoolers Honor First Responders to Commemorate 9/11


Students at Grovetown Middle School have spent time this year working on a project that honors first responders.

It’s all an effort to honor those emergency workers on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

8th graders at the school painted American flag pallets.

Those pallets were delivered Sunday to local fire and police stations.

But, on Friday, Grovetown Public Safety officers got their pallets during an event at the school.

Teachers say projects like this honor the sacrifices made by emergency workers, as well as teach the students about events like 9/11.

“With today’s world the way it is, understanding and having an appreciation for everyday heroes that are hear to protect us,” is the point of the project, said teacher Erin Wedereit.

Students also made a flag mural at the school and decorated the fence around the field.

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