GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – A Grovetown man is trying to remove a city councilman from office because of the ongoing criminal investigation into the former city clerk.

Allen Transou turned in his application for the recall Wednesday.

Transou says councilman Dennis Trudeau is too close to the criminal investigation because the former city clerk, Vicky Capetillo is his step-daughter.

Wednesday’s application is the second application for recall that Transou has turned in.

The first one was rejected by the Board of Elections because it didn’t have the necessary amount of valid signatures.

Transou moved to Grovetown in 2005.

“It isn’t the same city it was 11 years ago. Traffic is a little bit different. As a matter of fact, when we first moved out here this subdivision on this main street was the only subdivision out here,” he told us.

The 49-year-old didn’t have an interest in city politics until Gary Jones was fired as city police chief last year.

“They terminated him because I believe, in my opinion, that he uncovered some of the inconsistencies in accountability of funds in the city,” Transou said.

Transou says he voted for Jones to be mayor to change the city for the better.

Now, he’s trying to vote Trudeau out for the same reason.

“Councilman Trudeau is a hinder to the mayor and to good order which represents Grovetown,” Transou said.

Another reason the retired serviceman started the effort to remove Trudeau from office is because of the federal government’s criminal investigation into Capitello.

“His time is done. His season has passed and I just think it’s time for him to resign. We asked him to resign. The mayor has asked him to resign. Other citizens have asked him to resign and he refuses to,” Transou said.

Transou says he believes he completed the first step in the recall process this week when he got more than 100 valid signatures to sign the application.

However, a recall election is still months away.

“I’ve researched it well. Next step in the process is I have to go out and gather a total of 1,368 votes from all the registered voters in Grovetown during that election,” Transou said.

Transou says Jones didn’t sign his application for recall and that the mayor has nothing to do with this recall effort.

We did reach out to councilman Trudeau, but he hasn’t called us back.

In the past, he and his family have refused to do an interview with us.

Here is the recall process from the Board of Elections:“Our office has 5 business days to verify the validity of the sponsors listed on the application. If found valid, a Recall Petition will be issued in which they will have 30 days to gather 30% of the registered voters in the City of Grovetown – from the last time the elected official being recalled was on the ballot. That number is approximately 1,369 signatures that will be needed. If that petition is submitted with the 30 day window with the correct valid signatures – then a Recall Election would be held.”