Grovetown Homeowners and County Administrator discuss rezoning proposal


Growth is something that is inevitable in Grovetown and with growth comes development.

Grovetown’s County Administrator, John Waller, says, the staff and the city of Grovetown put together a proposal to rezone about 45 parcels, south of Robinson Avenue.

The proposal allows multi-family homes to be built in single family locations, and mobile homeowners say developers arer trying to drive them out.

One homeowner says, they are going to tell us to get it up to code, if you can’t get it up to code, you got to shut it down.

He is talking about the Form Base Code, keeping a standard of improvements to homes in the area, but the loopholes doesn’t allow just one improvement to a home, if you do one, you have to do it all.

Homeowner, CA Bargeron, says I mean, if you look around here, there is a lot that can be done, you just have to have a permit to do that…they won’t issue one.

One homeowner told me that they believe the developers are going to use the Form Base Code to get them out of the park, but the City tells me that this is not the case.

The city is not displacing anybody. There is no plan that I am aware that is displacing anybody, says Waller.

One homeowner says that it is inevitable, and that once the property’s value goes up, and their homes age, they’ll have to sell.

It’s all a plan to just get everyone out, because this is the last unredeveloped spot in Grovetown, and we are right here by the elementary school so that is prime property for them, says Bargeron.

We reached out to a developer who said if he going to build, he will not be building where people currently live, however, the homeowners are asking for better communication.

The City Council has designed a committee for staff and neighbors to come together and work on the Form Base Code. There is no work on when the City Council will vote on this proposal.

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