Grovetown City Council tables ordinance to rezone 45 properties


The Planning Commission Committee declined to recommend rezoning two mobile parks from single to multi-family homes in a public hearing. 

Monday was the first reading of the ordinance to rezone properties Robinson and Railroad Avenue.

Grovetown City Council Members are looking at rezoning 45 properties, but two mobile home parks caused concerns for residents.

During the city council meeting, residents expressed their opinions on why council members should halt the plan to rezone the area.

“I would have to leave Grovetown,” explained Ashley Marlow. “Grovetown has minimum low-income housing, so I would have to find somewhere that has low-income housing.”

Marlow says she, and her family, moved from South Florida to Grovetown due to low-income housing offered in the area. 

She says if the ordinance passes her family and neighbors may have to find somewhere else to live.

“We can’t even update them, so we are just going to age out; then we don’t have a house,” said Marlow. “Then for people who live in low income as I do, there is not a lot of options in Grovetown any more.”

In the previous public hearing, the city administrator, John Waller, says people living in the recommended re-zoning areas will not be forced to move for development reasons.

Marlow told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, they can not make any changes to their homes, eventually…

“They will get condemned one by one, then we are forced out,” said Marlow.

There was some support for the city to move forward to rezone the properties. Ashley Marlow says she is nervous for the outcome.

“I don’t know how long for what’s going to happen, and that’s nerve racking,” explained Marlow.

For now, the mother of two says she is going to do everything in her power to convince her city leaders to change their minds about the rezoning plan.

“We are going to be at every one and fight against it,” said Marlow.

The Grovetown City Council members tabled the ordinance. The first reading will continue at the next meeting on March 25th.

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