AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – A group of faith leaders in Augusta is currently on a tour in Israel.  Now, they’re hoping to get back to the Garden City safely.

It’s the feeling of the unknown…

“At the present time, we’re in Jerusalem we’re at a hotel in Jerusalem for last couple days our first stop was in Tel Aviv…we spent the night over their first,” said Rep. Rev. Karlton Howard.

Georgia State Representative Rev. Karlton Howard along with more than 60 others left Atlanta last Tuesday for a 10-day tour of Israel, looking forward to remarkable trip touring different cities. But their plans changed when Israel declared war.

“We got stalled for about 2 hours we were supposed to leave at a certain hour our tour guide was staling and finally we started looking on the internet and found out they had declared war,” said Rep. Rev. Karlton Howard.

Howard says they’re safe right now, and haven’t been subjected to the fighting.

“We have not heard a bullet we haven’t heard a bomb none of that in the last three days and we’ve been going our on tours” said Rep. Rev. Karlton Howard.

And even though this may be a scary situation, the group is still touring with a purpose.  

“We’re on a faith trip so we just have to ask the people that are with us just to have faith a know that we’re going to be alright,” said Rep. Rev. Karlton Howard.

And as for family and friends here in Augusta.

“Our families they’re worried to no end just to give them a level of comfort that we’re okay. Unless something drastic happens we’ll be home in a couple days,” said Rep. Rev. Howard.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Rev. Howard tells us that they’ve been able to book flights out beginning Thursday through Saturday.