Group demanding answers from Wagener leadership


WAGENER, S.C. (WJBF) – Some people are frustrated with city leadership in Wagener. They say they’re not getting answers to the questions they’re asking about the town’s finances and fire department.

“We ask the same questions at each meeting. We’ve been here since November,” said Christopher Salley.

It was a good turnout Monday night for a meeting with Wagener town leaders but many who live in town left the meeting unsatisfied.

“We just want to see progress and it’s just like at a standstill. Small towns are drying up,” said Salley.

Some at the meeting were concerned about the fire department recent hires.

One woman told NewsChannel 6, “We have people that are on the fire department that are felons.”

Fire Chief David Watson informed those at Monday’s meeting, one firefighter that is a registered sex offender has been let go.

“There’s still criminals on the list and when I asked about the rest of them the mayor said let the attorney handle it. So, we don’t know who’s on the list and who’s not,” said the anonymous woman.

Issues with the fire department arose when all the firefighters were suspended in late 2020 according to Salley.

He said, “Why are they still fired? Why weren’t they reinstated? Why wasn’t there an investigation like they told us there was. They told us there was an ongoing investigation, there was no investigation. So we want answers and they’re not giving them to us.”

Another woman who preferred not to be identified said she has filed a lawsuit against Wagener Mayor Mike Miller and the town council regarding Freedom of Information Act requests.

“They now got a lawsuit for those FOIA requests and hopefully we’ll get some answers from them, but it just looks really bad,” said Salley.

“We all need to come together as a community, and we want growth, and we want money coming in. We don’t want to be in the negative all the time.”

NewsChannel 6 spoke with Mayor Miller over the phone and he denies any allegations.

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