AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Grocery prices all throughout are hitting Americans’ pockets pretty hard. Right here in the CSRA, some shoppers share their concern.

If you’ve been grocery shopping lately you’ve probably noticed prices have nearly doubled in the past two years. And that has local shoppers making some changes to cut down on their grocery bills.

“I used to just grab, I never looked at the prices, but I do now,” Barbara Dillabough said. 

Higher prices at the grocery store have shoppers searching for ways to save when they’re at the grocery store. They tell us their grocery bills are much higher today than they were just a few years ago.

“Even at Lidl’s. I’m German so I come here twice a week to buy my vegetables and my fruits– it’s still a little less expensive than the regular grocery store, but overall, there was an increase,” Ingrid Cochran said.

Ingrid Cochran does her best to find deals at stores with unbeatable prices, but still manages to pay top dollar.

“Today I spent 59- dollars and I bought fruits and vegetables and bread, some lox and cheese. But usually, maybe before this all increased, I probably spent 10-dollars less.”

Another shopper agrees, and says she tries to look for the sale items.

Barbara Dillabough says even though she only shops for her husband, she still feels the impact of the large number at the end of her receipts. 

“For the two of us, we spend a fortune on groceries. That we never used to, when we had the kids– of course– it was expensive. But now it’s just the two of us and it’s still expensive,” Dillabough said.

Shoppers say they aren’t sure when or if prices might drop. 

“I just feel sorry for all the seniors that don’t have a large income, monthly income, or the people with young children. I don’t see how they can manage in this economy right now,” Cochran said.

Shoppers’ concern is that their grocery bill will not decrease despite the number of items on their list.