Greenpoint neighborhood expected to break ground in Pumpkin Center district of Harlem


The signs are up along Appling-Harlem Highway for the Greenpoint neighborhood.

Developers are hoping to make it look like Riverwood Plantation near Greenbrier High School.

While people in Applin-Harlem want to keep it rural, the county says it’s a sign of the times and growth is headed this way

Meybohm Realty promises custom homes, walking trails and other amenities in the Pumpkin Center district of Harlem.

This project isn’t alone.

Other neighborhoods are already up in the same area.   

Jim Lewis lives near Pumpkin Center and says he bought his home for the peace and quiet.

However, Lewis realizes that the tranquility won’t last for long.

“We’ve been here ten years and it’s really changed and I would imagine in the next ten years, it’s going to grow even more,” said Lewis.

District 4 Commissioner Bill Morris is backing Greenpoint.

Living in Appling, he understands why surrounding homeowners want to keep their distance from neighbors.

“People who live out here, they’ve moved out here or have lived out here for a long time because of the rural nature of the area,” Morris.

Morris says the county’s plan is to keep most of Appling rural.

When it comes to Harlem, that’s a different story.

“If you look around Columbia County, any time you see a new school built, you see a new development. And by them putting the middle school where they did, I think it indicated that they wanted some growth,” said Morris.

Morris adds the short drive for future amenities isn’t a bad thing.

“When you live far out like this, going to the grocery store can take three to four hours out of your day,” said Morris.

For Lewis, he says he’s just worried about his daily commute.

“We’re pretty ok over there, the only thing is when we come out to go to the interstate, it’s going to be congested,” said Lewis.

Construction on the first phase of Greenpoint is expected to begin within the next two weeks.

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